I found a publisher for my novel, Graves of His Personal Liking. This is a different publisher than Wings Epress that published In The Sticks. This book is a western and I didn’t think it would fit into Wings’ catalog. I just sent the contract back today so the publishing date hasn’t been set. The new book is a western, but there is just one cowboy in the whole book, and he is only there for a few pages—plenty of Indians though. It is not a traditional western, but as Louis Lamour said, “Anything east of the Mississippi is a historical novel. Anything west is a western.” So we’ll call it a western. There is a little romance, some gold miners, buffalo hunters, saloon keepers, prostitutes and of course bad guys.
When my wife read the manuscript, she said the ending reminded her of the movie Pretty Woman. It has been awhile since I’ve seen that movie, but I don’t recall a gunfight at the end of Pretty Woman. I’ll keep everyone posted as I find out more.                                                      


About thewritingdeputy

Joel Jurrens was a deputy sheriff for 26 years until he retired in 2013. He has published three novels: In The Sticks, Graves of His Personal Liking and County Ops: The Vengeance of Gable Fitzgerald. He tries to keep his blog light and humorous and sometimes downright silly.
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2 Responses to MY NEXT NOVEL

  1. Pretty Woman had a meaphorical gun fight near the end. 😉

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